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Stainless Steel Sweeping Machine Push Type Hand Push Magic Broom Dustpan

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Broomstick Material: Plastic
Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
Dustpan Material: Plastic
Usage: Home
Broom Head Material: Plastic

Product Name:Sweeping machine/Vacuum cleaner
Material: ABS plastic + stainless steel
Dust capacity:0.5L
Pole length:110CM
Package include:1Pcs Sweeping machine.
  • Brush sweeper broom is hand push type sweeping machine is a broom, dustpan, trash whole body of a new generation of cleaning products, a simple operation, dust throughout every corner of your home, just gently push to dust, litter, hair and other rubbish away, sweeper easy edge,sweeping machine push type is easy to use,even for the children.
  • Sweeping machine without electricity,when you use ,there isn't any noisy to make your life more cleaning and quietly. Sweeping machine brush needn't power supply, energy saving and environmental protection
  • Sweeping machine by using the principle of the mechanical, go ahead, as long as the hands to push and follow it, implement sweeping dust removal.The handle is made of high strength aluminium alloy tube. It is connected by three sections. The length can be adjusted. When it is used,you needn't bend.Sweeping machine push saves time and effort.
  • Sweeper organizer adopt fully enclosed storage box, cleaning does not fly dust, reduce dust end breeding, reduce infant and child skin allergies and bronchitis, and ensure home health and family health.
  • Brush sweeper cleaner adopts three roller brush, high quality, high-quality nylon bristles and other materials, clear dead not to hurt any hard ground, flat floor (plastic, wood, marble, marble, ceramic tile, cement floor structure etc),and sweeping machine automatic is easy to clean.