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Rapid Reduction Eye Cream

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  • TREAT ALL EYE SKIN PROBLEMS-The premium formula works to visibly reduce dark circles, under-eye bags, wrinkles, puffiness and fine lines. We are here to meet all your anti-aging needs.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS–Our instant eye firming cream packed with proven base ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and a variety of natural and safe ingredients with no harsh chemicals,and no artificial colors,fragrances,or dyes.You don’t have to worry about this eye cream irritating your skin,just be ready to start reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • SUPER HYDRATING AND FRMING: This Eye Cream moisturizing dark circle treatment delivers hydration to the eye area to eliminate dullness without heaviness or greasiness.
  • GENTLE ON THE SKIN: Contains a variety of herbal ingredients, which work powerfully to smoothen skin without harsh, clogging chemicals that may damage skin further. Safe to use around eye area.
  • QUICK ABSORPTION & NON-STICKY - Light texture actively penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and retains moisture, leaving no sticky effect on the face, but making it soft, silky and elastic.


1. Remove the cover at the eye cream seal

2.Squeeze out pea-size eye cream, and use your fingertips to apply on the eye bags

3.Pull toward the temple. Don't rub back and forth

4.After applying this product, do not change your facial expression for 2 minutes. You can achieve satisfactory results in smoothing eye bags and crow's feet. Depending on individual skin conditions, continue to maintain your facial expression for 3-8 minutes to solidify the effect.

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.0 x 1.0 inches