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Whatever time of the day it is, there's always time for pancakes, crepes and delicious smells all round! It takes time and effort to make those lovely pancakes/crepes, but still you can become a pro in no time(with this magical pan)! This is the pan that every pancake/crepe lover should have!

crepe recipe pancake strawberry breakfast desert  baking cooking kitchen food (16)crepe recipe pancake strawberry breakfast desert  baking cooking kitchen food (16)



Power: 600w

Type: Corded

Voltage: 220V

Product Weight(NW): 1.5kg

Certification: CE

Material: Anodized aluminum& stainless steel with non-sticky coating.

Package: 1*pan, 1*food-grade PP batter plate, 1*Blender, 1*Manual in English

Function: Auto-Thermostat Control, non-sticky coating, energy save.

1.No need to grease the pan - This pancake/cerep maker is non-sticky,  you don't have to grease the pan over and over again, minimize the use of oil during cooking is definitely much healthier. It has a lower rim which will make sure the crepe is thin.

2.No need to swirl the batter in the pan - Usually you need to quickly swirl the pan so the batter covers the entire bottom of the pan. And it should happen very fast since the batter will start to cook upon contact with the hot pan. With this pancake/crepe maker, you just put it in the batter for 1 second without worrying about filling too much batter, the batter will distribute perfectly even.

3.Much faster, 6 pieces 1 minute - Usually you need to shake the pan from time to time, until the crepe begins to bubble, the bottom is lightly browned and the batter looks set, about 1 minute. With this pancake/crepe maker, it takes only 10-15 seconds!   It can save a loooot of time. You could spend more time enjoying your food! 

4.Much easier procedure - This is probably what you usd to do: add butter and tilt the pan to coat the bottom; ladle batter into the pan and tilting and swirling; pour excess batter back into the bowl; cook until the edges are dry and separate slightly from the pan which takes 30 to 45 seconds;  use a spatula and turn the crepe over and cook for just a few seconds; then cover with aluminum foil to keep warm. With this pan, none of the above procedures are necessary any more. You just dip the pan into the batter, wait for 10-15 seconds, transfer the crepe to a plate, repeat to make more pieces.

5. Considerate design - Ergonomically angled long handle that offers a perfect, comfortable grip without getting heated.

6.For family gathering and parties- Sometimes you might want to surprise your sweetie, or dinner party guests, with a stack of pretty crepes. You want to get those pancakes/crepes prepared ahead of times so that you can have a beer and chat with friends instead of getting trapped in the kitchen. But can pre-made pancakes/crepe still be delicious? With this pan, it takes only minutes to make lots of pieces, fresh and yummy!


Get this and enjoy you pancakes/crepes. :)