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immersion water heater

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Color: Yellow


  • Fast heating: 2000W of power can make 5 gallons of water warm in a few minutes. Before inserting the heater, please make sure that the heater is completely immersed in the water.
  • Double safety protection: the intelligent power-off function can automatically power off when the water temperature exceeds 70 ℃. Immersion Water Heater has a stainless steel cover to isolate the internal heating rod to prevent accidental burns.
  • American-standard wire: Plugs and wires are directly injection-molded with production line molds rather than assembled wires and plugs on the market to prevent accidental electric shock
  • Widely used: Our Immersion water heater is suitable for portable bathtub, pool heater, pond heater, water trough heater, bucket heater. Especially fit for heating water in large size container like bucket, basin, bath tub, mini inflatable swimming pool, etc.
  • Safety Tip: The function of automatic power off is based on the temperature sensor of the head to turn on, so be sure to immerse the water heater in the water, and then turn on the power.

Details: !!!Warning!!!: Be sure to put the temperature sensor and the heating tube in the water before turning on the power, otherwise the heating tube will be damaged immediately! ! ! ! ADVANTAGES OF OUR HEATER: HIGH POWER: 2000W, 120V, let your water heat up in justa few minutes. Equipped with a Fahrenheit water temperature gauge, let thewater temperature reach the temperature you want to end the work of the heaterat any time.   SAFETY: Protective cover: A 304 stainless steelprotective cover is provided on the outside of our heating rod to prevent burnsand increase the life of the heating tube. Anti-leakage plug: Our plug uses injectionmolding technology, unlike other people who use direct splicing to assemble theplug, there will be no leakage of electricity, and ensure a safe electricityenvironment. Aesthetics: Matt yellow can make yourheater look more stylish, our packaging is also designed by a professionaldesign team. Gift selection: If you want, you can giveour products as gifts to your friends, and add a practical and beautiful waterheater to your friends' homes.   INTELLIGENT: Power Indicator Light: There is awaterproof indicator on the back of the heater. When the red light is on, itmeans that the work has started Intelligent temperature control: When thewater temperature rises to 160°F, the indicator light automatically turns off.(The temperature sensor must be placed below the water surface, otherwise theheater will keep working) Widely Application: Widely used: let the water in 5 gallons beheated in a few minutes, Apply to metal bucket, plastic bucket, wood bucket,bathtub, small pool   Please read the instructions carefully.