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Hair Mask

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  • Infused with natural botanical ingredients and Argan Oil. Suitable for natural or color-treated hair, it even enhances dyed-hair color making it more vibrant. Further promotes permanent natural Hair Growth and luster
  • 5 Seconds Repairs Damage Hair Root: Advanced Hair Repair System and Specially Formulated to Enhance the Texture, Softness, Manageability, Shine, and Provide Additional Damage Restoration. Hair Mask provides an intensive moisture treatment to turn dry, dull hair into soft, lustrous, and shining locks in minutes.
  • It replenishes hair nutrients and adds protection to the cuticle to It strengthens hair to correct and prevent split-ends, makes it more manageable and dull hair and restoring it to make it ultra-soft, vibrant and incredibly shiny
  • Usage: Wiping it on the hair after washing, do not touch the scalp, use pulp constantly massage hair to help hair faster absorb nutrition, you will find the hair instantly become softer, smoother!
  • Warm Tips: After using the hair mask, be sure to clean it. Under normal circumstances, hair conditioner and hair mask have the same effect. After shampooing, using conditioner or hair mask, it can be washed off in a minute or two. It also helpful for the smoothness of the hair, and will not make your hair very oily.For better results, it is recommended to use it twice a week for a period of 5 minutes, after washing your hair.


Based on the study of more than hair situation of 10,000 consumers, develop this care products

with high technology--- imported raw materials combined with fine molecular technology, 5 seconds to make your hair smooth and soft.

The naturally derived ingredients in the Hair Mask have deep nourishing properties that penetrate each hair follicle to eliminate dry and frizzy strands and replace them with intense softness and silky shine.

Apply hair mask on hair , don't touch scalp, constantly massage hair for 2-5 minutes

Even better, you can use it whatever your hair type.

Enjoy the incredible effects of the Hair Mask whatever your hair type or texture, whether it's straight, curly, frizzy ... this is the hair mask for everyone.

Package Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches