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Face-Lifting Cream

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  • Instant lifting and activation effects:It can help to reshape and lift up face and neck.Repair facial superfluous bone tissue, make your face tight, let the big broad facial bite muscle, gradually become sexy small face.
  • Powerful ingredient:Our Custom Formula featuring the most powerful Enzyme to help rebuild collagen within your skin. Promote blood circulation, stimulate cells regeneration and repair, achieve the change from round face to V face.
  • Significant improvement skin texture:It helps repair and regenerate healthy skin cells. With each use, it promotes natural Collagen & Elastin production and neck, bust and contours appear more youthful and resistant.
  • Moisturizing and whitening :Help to moisten and maintain moisture of your skin, repair and stimulate cells regeneration,help to improve rough and dry skin problem.
  • Perfect products for all skin types:Dry skin, normal skin or oily skin this cream is ideal to use both Day and Night for optimal results. Enzymes in the lipase can accelerate the decomposition of fat, promote collagen synthesis, tighten the skin to relax, so as to achieve a rapid thin face magic effect.

Specification: 30g

Product ingredients

Enzyme extract essence

Caviar extract

Hydrolyzed collagen


Sodium hyaluronate


Repair facial superfluous bone tissue, make your face tight, let the big broad facial bite muscle, progressive become sexy small face


Take appropriate amount of this product and smear the corresponding part of the face. Two thumb pressing on the temple, four fingers belly sliding from the middle to the temple. From the bottom of the eye to the mandible, massage from top to bottom to the temples. Hands half clenched and massaged down the cheek. Use early and evening every day

Package Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.4 x 1.9 inches