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Color: Brown


  • [NO RACCOON EYE] - Have you ever felt uncomfortable as raccoon eyes? Our smudge-proof, non-peeling, waterproof eyeliner pen keeps you away from the embarrassing situation.
  • [SOFT FEEL TIP] - Automatically controlled design with eyeliner pen tip, super soft and flexible, easy to color, can slide on smoothly without getting too much ink on your eyelid
  • [DURABLE / WATERPROOF] - Apply our waterproof and long-lasting ink eyeliner in the morning. It lasts all day and you will find that your eye makeup is as clean as it was ten hours ago.
  • [FOR BEGINNERS AND CONTACT LENSES] - This liquid precision eyeliner is a good choice for makeup beginners, is flexible and easy to use. And its gentle formula is friendly to contact lens wearers!
  • [EASY REMOVE] - Our unique, deeply pigmented and waterproof eyeliner formula will keep your eye makeup up all day. If you go home at night, it is better to remove the makeup with a remover.