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Electric Wine Opener Set - Removes the cork in 7 seconds

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Cordless Electric Wine Opener Set - Quntis Wine cork Bottle Opener - Rechargeable Automatic Battery-Operated Corkscrew with Foil Cutter Wine Pourer Stopper and Charger

  • šŸ‡PackageĀ --Ā 1Ā Automatic Rechargeable Corkscrew, 1 Foil Cutter, 1 Wine Pourer, 1 Vacuum Wine Stopper, 1 UL CERTIFIED Charger, 3AA rechargeable battery (NiMh), 1 Manual.
  • šŸ‡7 seconds -- Removes the cork in 7 seconds with no extra effort, bring you great convenience. Cork can be easily removed from the corkscrew. Built-in rechargeable battery, opens up to 40 bottles on a single charge.Ā 
  • šŸ‡Exquisite design -- SleekĀ and sophisticated.Ā ABS casing is soft, sturdy and durable.Ā The aluminum foil cutter is easy toĀ use and can be stored as a base for the automatic wine corkscrew.
  • šŸ‡AeratingĀ wineĀ pourer & Vaccum stoppersĀ --Ā  Bring the best taste out of your wine.Ā Vacuum wine stopper with date markers to keep opened wine fresh.
  • šŸ‡How to use --Ā  Place it on top of a wine bottle, making sure it remains in an upright position and not at an angle to the bottle. A single operating switch ensures foolproof operation from here. Simply press the lower part of the switch to start. The unit's corkscrew spiral will turn to enter the cork, then it will gradually remove the cork from the bottle, stopping once the cork has been fully removed from the bottle. Lift the electric wine bottle opener away from the bottle, and remove the cork by pressing the upper part of the switch--the spiral turns in the opposite direction to release the cork. Voila. Let the pouring begin.
  • šŸ‡18 month guaranteeĀ -- Perfect for wine lovers. At Trusted cordless electric wine bottle opener you'd enjoy a 18-MONTH WORRY-FREE PRODUCT GUARANTEEĀ