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Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

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Color: Grey


  • HEALTHY AND FRESH LIFE - Top quality and efficient air purifying bag.Our bamboo charcoal bags are the best choice for cleaning air and remove odor. Our activated charcoal odor absorber bags are air purifier bags. Keep you away from unpleasant smells by absorbing moisture and odor molecule. Reduce the spread of some substances.
  • SAFE FOR PETS & THE EARTH - This kind of charcoal bags are made from natural microporous activated bamboo charcoal, no fragrances and no chemicals. Odor absorbing charcoal bags are harmless and friendly to environment so it is safe for pets and earth. The bamboo charcoal particles have a larger specific surface area, which means our bamboo activated charcoal air purifiers bags have a stronger adsorption cleaning capacity.
  • REUSABLE & DURABLE UP TO 2 YEARS - Bamboo charcoal has an anion charge and a porous structure. So bamboo bags eliminate odors instead of covering odor. It is recommended to expose to the sun for 3-5 hours every month, which can remove the moisture and odor absorbed by activated charcoal bamboo bags and maintain the adsorption function of air purifier charcoal bags.
  • GREAT VALUE & MULTIPLE USES - 4pcs bamboo charcoal odor eliminators provides more choices for you. Put it anywhere you want and it will filter and trap nasty smells, excess moisture, etc.  It'll work well as a car air freshener, moisture absorber, closet odor absorber, gym bag freshener, room fresher, shoe cabinet odor absorber, kitchen air freshener and more.
  • 100% SATISFACTION SOLUTION-bamboo charcoal air purifier bags are 4 packs*200g value air purifying pouches. Each 200g activated charcoal bag is packed in a durable breathable green linen bag with a metal ring. It is continuous and efficient and can be placed or hung in any place you want. If you are not satisfied with the bamboo charcoal air purifying bag, you can contact us by email to get a perfect response.

Binding: Kitchen