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cat window perch meow

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  • Sturdy cat perch offers comfortable rest for your cats
  • Measure 18*12*10 inches(46*30*25cm) holds up to 25lbs(12kg) Anywhere that fits to hook can make a bed for your kittens
  • Super soft texture offers pet a cozy place to enjoy sunbath and view outside your house
  • Hooked on the bar, can be on a chair, stairs, windows, bars,make your house a real playful ground for cats;
  • Cat perch can help your cats to occupy a higher position in the house which make them feel more secured.

Details: Meow&Woof Cat Perch is able to fit various furnitures instead of just glass windows. Need no tools to set up. Bear cat more than 20 lbs easily and up to 25lbs. A perch is not only a bed a hammock for kitten, but also a safe place for them to hide themselves.It's necessary for any cat-owned family.

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 12.9 x 1.0 inches