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Cat Scratching

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Details: Why You Need a Scratching Board for Your Cat/ Kitten? Cat Scratching board can prevent your cute pet from wrecking your house and damage your furniture or scratch you! Using scratching pad is the correct way to train your cat where to use their claw, and you should start to train them as earlier as possible. Cat owners should understand cat scratcher is more than a toy for cats as scratching with the claw is no playing, but necessary way to mark the territory and consume cat’s energy. They need to exercise their bodies to grab something like hunting in the nature. What’s the Strength of Le You Pet Scratching Board More solid cardboard material: the card pads are suppressed by multiple layers of cardboard under high pressure machine and with healthy rice glue, this scratching toy is hard to fall apart. More efficient: Two pads of card board in one tray, you can save the packing cost therefore get two packs cheaper than usual. Any it saves room, you can put the pad near furniture. Also, you can just buy refills when pad runs out. More scientific: With catnip split in the tray, cat will initiate to use it and scratch it. Also we suggest place the cat scratcher near the furniture or where cat usually plays. Unique Design:Three types of scratching textures design in one cardboard, providing three times the joy and fun for the cats.With our unique design on the market, durability is 50% increased than the regular ones.And it is reversible, just flip it side up, you get a new one to use.Stylish minimalist flat design fits every home and décor style. Health and Joy:It is in cat’s gene that they love to scratch things.

Package Dimensions: 13.7 x 9.4 x 1.6 inches