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bed pillow for sleeping

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  • 【ADJUSTABLE DIY PILLOW】- This pillow is filled with food-grade TPE hoses. The adjustable opening design allows you to freely add or remove hoses according to your sleeping habits to achieve your own hardness and height, thereby reducing posture changes during sleep and improve your sleep quality.
  • 【5 ZONES DESIGN】- This adjustable sleeping pillow adopts 5 zoning designs in accordance with ergonomics. The hose can flow freely in each zone and actively fill the sleeping gaps of the head, neck and shoulders, so as to meet different sleeping positions, completely relax the body and get the depth sleeping. No noise or static electricity during hose flow.
  • 【INNOVATIVE TPE HOSES】- The soul of this bed pillow is hollow structured TPE hoses, can keep fresh air in at all times, prevent sweltering heat, and ensure healthy sleep; Thousands of TPE hoses have high elasticity and can disperse head pressure for a comfortable massage in our sleep. The surface of the sleeping pillow is made of Sorona 3D vegetable cotton that has stable elasticity, can be close to the skin, which can also isolate the grainy feeling of the hose contacting the skin.
  • 【MACHINE WASHABLE & FREEBIES】- The bed pillow is machine washable overall. It is recommended to wash it with a laundry net bag, and please check and zip before washing. The package of this pillow also includes 2 pads and 1 bag hose, each pad is 0.39 inch high. They can be put under the pillow, help to adjust the height, very useful and convenience. One more bag of hose is perfect for high pillow users, we can increase or decrease the filling amount of any independent partition of the pillow.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】- Adjustable Bed Pillow(20.9 x 16.9 x 3.5 Inch), 2 Pads, 1 Bag Hose.