2PCS/Rearview Mirror Waterproof Protective Film/Anti-glare Anti-rain Anti-fog

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Does it bother you when your side mirror get very blur during rainy days?

It's very tough to see and judge how far the next car is before changing lane, which is very dangerous for drivers.

Typically people would do this:

Using water repellents, which only lasts for a few days. 

Wipe it with a cloth, which only helps is the rain is not too heavy.

Use hydrophilic mirror, which is not applicable to every car model.

Side mirror shade, which helps to some degree but makes it inconvenient when folding side mirrors.

Demister pads.

Here is a better solution for you. This is an innovation that can solve all the problems to make sure that your vision is clear and the travel is safe.It is a universal size exterior mirror. You can freely cut into pieces as needed. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-fog ,anti-glare and durable.

How to use it:

❤Step 1: Clean the mirror surface and spray water on it;

❤Step 2: Tear off the first protective membrane, spray water on it and paste to the mirror; 

❤Step 3: Use the spatula to gently scrape off the bubbles and tear off the other membrane.


Type: Glue Sticker

Item Diameter: 10cm

Item Height: 0.2cm

Item Length: 15cm

Item Width: 10cm

Sticker Placement: Rear view Mirror/ Side Mirror

Category: Nano hydrophilic technology car rearview mirror protective film

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